jQuantum - Quantum Computer Simulator deutsch

jQuantum is a program which simulates a quantum computer. You can design quantum circuits with it and let them run. The current state of the quantum register is illustrated.

The aim of jQuantum is to enable development as well as demonstrations of quantum algorithms. Another main purpose, however, is to create images in your head, and thereby - understanding.

Supplementary to many other quantum computer simulators, jQuantum offers the possibility to design and run quantum algorithms, or quantum circuits, in a flexible and visually oriented representation.

The main reason for this program to be open source is science. On the one hand, the publication of source and binary enables to let check the correctness of the implemented quantum gates: perhaps a broad community of users and programmers will test logic and source of the program and make it so evolve to a higher quality. On the other hand, innovative ideas for, or even completely new, quantum gates or algorithms could be supplemented by others in the future.

The program requires the free plug-in Java 5 or higher. You can then let run jQuantum immediately as an applet in your browser, or you can download the executable jar-file. Please feel free to mail suggestions or critique, or indicate errors which you find in the program! You can also post bugs, suggestions or critique on one of the public areas of the jQuantum project website.

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